Celebrating Native Attire

I’ve decided to make today’s post about native wear styles and I’ll be showing you guys pictures of different gentlemen rocking stylish native attires, so if you call this a LOOKBOOK you wouldn’t be wrong.

Native attires are popular among stylish gentlemen in Africa and especially in Nigeria where I come from. That’s not to say it’s not popular outside this continent. In fact, some foreign celebrities actually love Nigerian design labels and they always look amazing in them. American rapper, The Game was recently spotted in this native attire (see below).Native Attires

Ladies are not left out, as the rocking of classic native attires especially dashiki and agbada is becoming a big fashion trend for so many classy ladies including celebrities. Toke Makinwa, a Nigerian media personality was spotted in this classic Agbada native attire more recently at a movie premier.

Image result wey dey for toke makinwa rocks agbada

Nowadays, everyone wants to rock unique and classy native attires, whether it’s for a wedding occasion, a casual outing, a business meeting or any form of social function.

Most of the time, the challenge is that you have tailors who are NOT fashion designers and when you tell them to make native attire for you, they will expect you to come up with your own design before they can commence, else they would give you what they have– which more often than not isn’t always unique. So, it’s more like they expect you to dream, while they “interpret”.

Native Attires

Then you have fashion designers who are not tailors and these ones most times would sketch out a design for you but can’t sew the cloth for you. So they can dream for you, but won’t be able to “interpret” the dream.

Now Merging the two of them together we have – Fashion Designers who understand the entire process of tailoring and can also make the clothes for you – These ones are specialists, they conduct research, develop a concept and vision for the type of person they want to dress – what would fit you, look good on you, match your color tone, then they create the visual image of their concept through sketches and see to the production of these designs till they come to life – an outfit styled and tailored to perfection for you.

For these ones, they are the dreamers, the interpreters, the creators – when you meet them, they “dream” for you and go on ahead to “interpret” it for you, in other words, they come up with nice unique designs for you and make stylish native attires. These gentlemen are the “brain” behind any garment they produce. Now I’m talking about the likes of @emmanuella  – to name but a few.

Here are some nice work done by astute Fashion Designers (pictures)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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